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Navigating Tinder is complicated. You run into your fair share of weirdos, creeps, and an entire variety of unsavory folks.

And then occasionally you encounter those who simply want to play a game of Words With Friends.


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, a student at Florida State University, had been astonished whenever their Tinder match requested this lady if she planned to perform.

“basketball?” she requested, in mention of their profile photo.

Nevertheless the match had different ideas.

Looks like this guy is just here to play statement With Friends. Especially, Words With Friends 2. “never 1” as he emphatically highlights.

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The guy allows prospective fits realize that if they winnings, he will get them “Chipotle or anywhere you be sure to,” however if they drop, they’ll get “LITTLE!!!”

Others responded with screencaps of their own video games with this particular statement With Friends aficionado.

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Hopefully this guy continues on discover many a worthwhile Words With Friends (2!) rival. It’s always an enjoyable surprise to obtain someone on Tinder that is perhaps not inside your hook-up video game, but alternatively for a word online game.

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